10 reasons to love Munich

In 2009, without having ever visited Bavaria, we moved from London to Munich, and we were shell-shocked. We'd stayed in Berlin, loved it. Stayed in Hamburg, loved it. Heard about Lübeck, Potsdam, Dresden... All these cities seemed alternative and edgy. As far as we were concerned, Germany was where it was at.

So, when my beaux received a job offer from Munich, we didn't think twice. Little did we know (or expect) that Munich was in fact Germany's sanctuary of culture, tradition and conservatism. This basically translates to: quiet residential neighborhoods, large chain stores, a neat city center and a yearly celebration of traditional costume.

Freak. Out.

Needless to say, it took quite a while to get settled. Actually, I think never really got settled, but, I have learned to love Munich. The thing is, if you like winter-sports, the Alps, sausage, sauerkraut & biergartens, Munich's the place for you. No-brainer. But, to the über-alternative, recklessly vegan, Berlin & Hamburg-loving urbanites: there is hope. Munich has many hidden gems, you just have to get yourself a treasure map.

To help you get started, I've listed 10 of my favorite places in Munich. Check out photos, names and opening times right below, find the links (+ some bonus info!) at the very end of this post. Enjoy!

I'm going to start in Giesing, which is where I live:

(1) Das kleine Café Edelweiss


Enjoy lunch, coffee and a dessert in this gorgeous little cafe, hidden away in St-Martin-Strasse 9. Open on Tue.-Fri., 11:30-15.
PS: They also have a shop inside with gift items, postcards, and everything loveable, plus some notebooks made by yours truly ;)

(2) Siebenmachen


This shop's run by a group of 7 creatives. It showcases art and design from Munich and beyond. You're free to visit but beware, it is very, very hard to leave the store empty-handed...

You'll find it on St. Bonifatius Strasse 20. Open on Tue.-Fri. 14-19 and Sat. 11-19.

(3) Karusa


Karusa's a huge store where local artists and crafters can rent a shelf to display their wares. There's also a DIY wrapping-station and a (newly opened) second hand section in the back. A great place for inspiration- or giftseekers.

Check it out on Humboldtstr. 6, Mo.-Fri. 11- 19, Sat. 11-15.

Next up is the Glockenbachviertel. This is a great area to spend a few hours exploring, here are just a few hints:

(4) Tushita Teehaus


Tushita's a vegan café which serves Japanese food, glutenfree cakes and sells all kinds of tea paraphernalia. Simply heaven.

You can find it on Klenzestr. 53, Mo.-Fri. 09-20 and Sat. 10-20.

(5) Vier Werkstätten


Filled up with delicious and healthy food? Good. Pop in to this store and gorge some more on funky design, beautiful paper, posh shoes and designer clothes. Go on, you know you want to ;)

It's just around the corner from Tushita Teehaus, on Fraunhoferstr. 20. Open on Tue.-Fri. 11-19 and Sat. 11-16.

(6) DearGoods


Or, go to the amazing animal, human and ecofriendly store DearGoods. You can shop clothes on Baldestr. 13 and gifts on Baaderstr. 65, they're literally 5 minutes walks away from each other. Open on Tue.-Fri. 11-19 and Sat.10:30-18.

(7) Götterspeise


Chocaholics, we're ready for lift off! You'll find everything your heart desires in Götterspeise (literally "ambrosia"). Delicious & sinful cakes, teas, chocolates and other delicacies. This gorgeous little café is a must-nibble!

Find it on Jahnstr. 30, Mo.-Fri. 08-19 and Sat. 09-18.

Alright, you've officially covered enough ground in Glockenbachviertel and you're now ready to go to Schwabing. This is a popular area in the north of Munich, bustling with students, restaurants and shops. Three suggestions here:

(8) Kauf Dich Glücklich


(photo: cappumum)
This shop does exactly what it says on the tin (literally "Buy Yourself Happy"). If you find yourself in need of some retail therapy, this may just be the place for you: Schellingstr. 23, Mo.-Sat. 10:30-20.

(9) Gartensalon


The Gartensalon is without a doubt the most creatively satisfying café in Munich. Gorgeous, home-made food meets an impressive candy counter meets local art and design. Here, you can feast your eyes on both food and art, at the same time. What more could you want?

Türkenstrasse 90/Amalienpassage. Open on: Die.-Sat. 09-19, Son. 10-19.

(10) Carta Pura


Last but not least, a beautiful specialist store for paper lovers and bookbinders. I go here quite often and every time I visit, it feels like I enter another Universe. You can literally spend hours in this paper-paradise, admiring boxes, Japanese paper, handcrafted cards, envelopes and much, much more. Bring an egg-timer ;)

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Thanks for reading and do let me know if you visit any of these places, deal? Deal.

For now, with soulcandy love,






#1 Das kleine Café Edelweiss
#2 Siebenmachen Atelierladen
#3 Karusa
#4 Tushita Teehaus
#5 Vier Werkstätten - no website, sorry :(
#6 DearGoods
#7 Götterspeise
#8 Kauf Dich Glücklich
#9 Gartensalon
#10 Carta Pura


Authentic thai food: Manam
Home made dumplings: Fei Scho
Gorgeous children's store (1): Stadtkind
Gorgeous children's store (2): Chi-Ka
Vegan and vegetarian supermarket: Schmatz
Vegan supermarket: Veganz
Arthouse Cinema (1): Museum Lichtspielen
Arthouse Cinema (2): Arena Filmtheater

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