Please Take What You Need

Today, I want to share something short & sweet with you, Something which isn't directly related to my art or my business, yet has everything to do with spreading beauty and charm through images.

A short while ago, I came across an awesome image online. It showed a sign which said "Take What You Need". At the bottom were little strips with words like "Courage", "Kindness" and "Friendship" written on them. I felt immediately inspired, what a cool and simple idea!

I later learned that a woman named Katie North from Dallas (Texas) had made the sign back in 2011 and that since then, people from all over the globe have taken her idea and made it their own.

So, I had an hour to spare this afternoon and decided to get involved. It took me no more than 30 minutes to make my sign and I hung it up on my way to the pool. Done.


It may sound silly, but it made me feel so good! The thought of someone waiting at the crossroads, tired after a long day's work, suddenly noticing the sign and picking whatever they needed in that very moment. It brings a little bit magic into your day.


Of course, on my way back from the pool, I had to check and see whether any strips had been taken. I was so happy when I saw that "Love", "Kindness" and "Support" were gone! I'll check again tomorrow and may post a little update image at the bottom of this post.

Feeling inspired? Make a sign and create your own little bit of magic to brighten up someone's day. Do share your insights or actions in the comments, I'd be so thrilled to hear you spread the kindness a little farther!

With soulcandy love,




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Day 2, rainy but still hanging strong:


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