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made in the heart of munich

das mädchen

original oil painting €575

Title: Das Mädchen, 2014
Medium: oil paint on paper
Paper: 290 gsm canson fine art paper, linen finish
Size: 38 x 46 cm / 15" x 18 1/8"

'Das Mädchen' (German for: the girl) is a carefully crafted oil painting which I completed over the course of several weeks in 2014. The piece was inspired by The Little Match Girl, a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen.

The story's about a poor little girl selling matches on the street. It's cold and she's barefoot and nobody bought any of her matches. She's afraid to go home empty-handed so she starts lighting the matches to keep warm. When she looks at the flames, she sees beautiful visions. But, after the last match has burnt up, she dies and is reunited with the spirit of her deceased grandmother.

In this painting, I wanted her to fill the page, my aim was to make her be noticed. Her dress and her hair are bright, alarming colors. Colors you can't overlook. Her surroundings, though, are dark and empty. It's already too late.

'Das Mädchen' has a quiet beauty, it invites thought and reflection. Invest in this work of art and allow it to guide you to unknown places.

I work with high quality oil paints to ensure longevity and vibrancy of color. For this painting I mainly used Sennelier and Old Holland Classic oil colors. 

The painting has been coated with a final varnish, which protects it from external effects, aging and yellowing. It has been signed and dated on the back.

The painting will be sent flat, because rolling it may damage the paper.

Please note that it's sold without a frame. If you'd like to purchase the piece framed and ready to hang, just add €25 to the purchase price (total: €600) and you'll receive it with the pictured frame.

In the rare event that your package is delayed, please send me an email and I'll contact the postal services for you.

In case of doubt, contact me to discuss your needs. I'll aim to help you in the best way I can.


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