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made in the heart of munich

die sehnsucht

original oil painting €5000

Title: Die Sehnsucht ('Longing'), 2011
Medium: oil on linen
Size: 140 x 140 cm / 55.1" x 55.1"

Die Sehnsucht captures a moment of intense and insatiable desire. The female figure in the painting is filled with this desire. It's so strong that she can't move or speak, she's paralyzed by it.

The animals (the crocodile and polar bear) represent a type of danger. A danger which, for the moment, lies dormant. The plants add a sense of growth and potential whereas the golden ginkgo leaves are more mystical and spiritual in nature.

Die Sehnsucht is my first large scale oil painting, I started working on it in late 2010 and finished it in 2011. My painting process is mostly intuitive, adding whatever elements arise within me without analysis or censorship. I try to stay open and receptive to an inner sense of direction as much as possible.

Die Sehnsucht has been exhibited in the Munich Academy of the Arts and at various private exhibitions. The painting has received consistent positive feedback.

Of course it would be best to view this piece in person, but I appreciate that not everybody has the means or the time to travel to my studio in Munich. I appreciate the risk involved in purchasing a large piece online. If you have any questions about this work, please contact me. I'll strive to facilitate your needs in the best possible way.

When ordering within Germany, it's possible to deliver this item flat.

For all other destinations it's best to unmount the painting, roll it up and ship it in a mailing tube. The piece will arrive with the wooden frame and ready to stretch. Shipping larger pieces per tube helps to keep postage costs low for international orders.

Please contact me with any concerns or questions you may have about the painting or it's delivery.


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