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made in the heart of munich

teaparty card

postcard with envelope €3.50

Item: blank postcard with envelope
Size: 10.5 x 14.8 cm / 4.1" x 5.8"

I bet you can tell what story this card was inspired by. If not, don't worry, You'll find a clue on the back of the card.

The collage I made for this card was the first in a series of four pieces. For ages I had been walking around with an image of a huge stack of colorful cups in my mind. When I finally sat down to make the piece, it felt like a fairy tale to watch the tower of cups grow higher and higher and higher...

When the collage was done, I was hooked. I had officially become a Collage Artist. Well, not quite, but you get the idea.

Don't forget that apart from making great invitations, these cards also look a treat in a little frame or as decoration in your home.

I work with traditionally produced Japanese and Italian papers. When you hold the cards up close, you can actually see the texture and craftsmanship of the paper. It's just beautiful.

Please note that right now, I can only print these cards in small editions of about 30 pieces per run. Reprints are not guaranteed so if you like them, don't risk missing out and place your order today!

By the way, the collage cards are also available as a mixed set. One pack will hold 4 different cards including envelopes. Interested? Have a look at them here: see mixed cards.

You can purchase as many cards as you wish without being charged anything extra on postage. Feel free to mix and match items from my shop.

Your order will be posted as soon as possible after payment has cleared. In the rare event that your package doesn't arrive, contact me and I'll provide a replacement entirely free of cost.

Please do note that I can only provide this replacement service for postcards and small art prints.


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