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made in the heart of munich


original oil painting €575

Title : Wonderland, 2013
Medium : oil paint on paper
Paper : 290 gsm canson fine art paper, linen finish
Size : 38 x 46 cm / 15" x 18 1/8"

'Wonderland' depicts an infamous white rabbit, recently killed by a gunshot to his face. The name 'Alice' has been written at the top right of the painting, as if to give us a clue (or a warning) about the incident.

My inspiration for 'Wonderland' was the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I had just reread the novel and couldn't help thinking, "What is it about that annoying white rabbit?" Perhaps I was projecting - it wouldn't have been the first time - but it seemed to me that the white rabbit is just out of line!

I mean, Alice spots him, follows him, falls down a hole for him, and is then left alone in Wonderland to fend for herself. On top of that, every time they meet he's incredibly rude to her!

Admittedly, all the characters are quite, well, singular, but in my opinion he consistently let her down - despite her initial interest in him. Come to think of it, I probably am projecting.

It made me wonder though. What if Alice was a really gutsy country girl who refused to wear a corset and liked to hunt? Just imagine, Alice just had an argument with her sister - who's not up for rambling and potentially getting her hair messed up - so, vexed and determined, she heads out on her own with her hunting kit.

Suddenly, a strange white rabbit with a pocket watch appears. Alice is momentarily taken aback, but instead of hiding or running away - which her sister would surely have done - she aims, shoots ... and hits. That's 'Wonderland'.

"Okay", I hear you think, "but if the white rabbit's dead, what will happen to the smiling cat and the mad tea parties? What will happen to Alice?"

Good question. I think a new story will have to be written. Alice has taken matters into her own hands and her future will be different for it. Whatever happens, I've got a feeling we better get ready for a whole new kind of Alice to emerge.

'Wonderland' is part of a larger series of work based on the representation of women in classic stories and fairy tales, which I created for an exhibition in Ireland (the Kilkenny Arts Festival, KAF).

In 2013, it was exhibited at KAF. In 2014 'Wonderland' was nominated for the Eberhard-Dietzsch Award and exhibited in Gera, Germany, throughout the Summer.

I work with high quality oil paints to ensure longevity and vibrancy of color. For this piece I used Winsor & Newton oil paints thinned with clarified linseed oil. The painting has been coated with a final varnish which protects it from external effects, aging and yellowing. It has been signed and dated on the back.

Please note that the price doesn't include the picture frame. Please add €25 to the purchase price (total: €600) if you'd like to receive the piece framed and ready to hang.

The artwork will be packed flat and sent with a track and trace service. In the rare event that your order is delayed, please send me an email and I'll contact the postal services for you.

If you have any further questions, please contact me or look at my terms.



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