The Man

The Man

"The Man" takes you back to the height of Summer, just when a debilitating heatwave has infiltrated the city. Robin will spent this time of the year tucked away inside the four walls of a rehabilitation clinic. What she's hoping for is a new start to her life, yet, what she gets is… Read more »

Skin Game

What happens when three men, a camera, a four poster bed and a heart-in-need-of-repair come together? Skin game is a scurrilous story, based on true events which took place during my stay in Ubud, Indonesia. Read more »

Schism, a love story

"...there was a brief moment in which he asked himself whether what he was doing was absurd. Possibly illegal. He was following a woman, chasing her!" Schism is a valentine's day delight which will inspire you to reminisce over those sweet, thrilling feelings of love and attraction. Read more »

Dark things without faces

Listen to my first recorded short story! It's about a woman who is too afraid to leave her bed. She's afraid of dark things, of love, of life. But maybe she's about to find a way out... Read more »

Watch my latest short film: Eidolon

Eidolon is a short story about balloons and apparitions, shot in the misty mountains of Tirol. Read more »

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