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made in the heart of munich

handwritten letter

a letter from an artist €17.50

Remember those days before text-talk, #hashtags and E-cards? The soothing ritual of sitting down, taking out a sheet of paper and actually thinking before talking?

Did that even happen?

I've got a confession to make: I write letters. No, I'm not old (yet). I'm just someone who likes paper and stationary shops and licking stamps and walking to the postbox.

Funny fact: in my teenage years I was known to write at least one letter a day - sometimes more - which I delivered across town on my bicycle. Because most of my friends had lives and couldn't always read page after page of me crying over spilled milk, some of those letters were actually never opened.

Luckily, I've grown up since then and accustomed myself to things like magic trackpads, e-readers and international roaming. But I still write letters and I still send actual cards at Christmas.

This shop item is a special one, through which I'm making a very personal offer. I'll compose a handwritten letter just for you, or for anyone you'd like to gift the letter to, and you'll receive it through the post. Just like the good old days (I've given up on bicycle delivery).

When you place your order, simply provide me with your address and first name in the order notes. I'll drop whatever I'm doing, get my paper and pen, and write to you. I can't wait to walk to the postbox.


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