The Iceplanet - A Short Story


The Iceplanet is a project I did with a young resident at the Alexianer Hospital in Münster, Germany. I was introduced to the resident during a internship as an art therapist, and we agreed to create a story together. The result was later exhibited in the local gallery.

The Iceplanet is a short story about two characters (Perry Rhodan and Klerry Klon - "Klon" is German for clone), who meet each other on an extra-solar planet. The idea for the story came from the resident, the development was led by me.

We started by creating the characters and their planet. Whilst in the process of developing the visuals, we set aside time to write a short screenplay about their adventures:


When something new was added to our stage we would write this into the story and vice versa. Thus, piece by piece, we built a story. The eventual stage and script were later exhibited in a local gallery, and included in an arts catalog.


"Der Eisplanet (The Iceplanet): Stage design and screenplay.

At the heart of the work lies the story: stories which came into being in collaboration with the residents and stories which arose whilst traversing through the landscape around Alexianer.

Each story has its own personality, which is fickle and entirely unpredictable, but one could describe it as follows:

There's a story about a famous person and an extraterrestrial being, it takes place on another planet and likes be told in a clear and present voice. An applause at the end will be appreciated.

Then there's a story about a young person who goes by the name of 'Frau X'. This  one is very special, but since its content is highly critical - and not quite ready for publication - it chose to be framed rather than told.

The last story preferred to appear in the shape of an egg, rather than the much overdone paper and letters, and it will present its core to anyone who might be interested. I myself would not want to miss out.

All stories agreed to remain in the gallery for the duration of one month, after which they will each revert to their everyday life again which involves, amongst other things, the complicated business of being retold."

* Names or references have not been included because the project was completed in a therapeutic session.


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